Deployment with Odoo
has never been easier

With DeployV, you will be able to build and deploy your Odoo applications in Docker faster than ever.

A better, seamless workflow


Infrastructure already provided to support your applications.

Version control

Manage different versions across multiple environments.

IT automation

Facilitate and automate all your IT operations.


Supervise the status of your databases to see how they are behaving.

Testing environment

You will be able to test your code in pre-production environment (updates)

Middleware solved

Forget about dealing with OS setup as it will be automated.

No more DevOps

Build your applications without needing to perform IT operations tasks.

Continuous Delivery

Move your code forward from local to production with rollback possibilities.

How it works


DeployV will set your Infrastructure and Operating System (OS) to reduce IT operations to a single click.


DeployV will help automate your groups and set up a friendly workflow in which you will be able to test your code and applications.


With an automated workflow scaling your apps will never be easier. You will be able to create as many groups as you need.

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